SC Bar No. 101469 | NY Bar No. 5466859 | FL Bar No. 100025

Elliott is a multi-disciplinary attorney who uses his diverse background in law, civics, and the arts to provide comprehensive, thoughtful counsel to his clients. Born in Florida, Smith has deep roots in the South Carolina Lowcountry, where he now calls home.

2011 | Public Defender's Office. The PDO represents defendants who cannot afford an attorney. For young lawyers, it known essentially as boot camp, due to the demanding case load and substantial time in the court room. Thanks to an intership program, Elliott got a head start working for the PDO Second Judicial Circuit of Florida. Elliott quickly became recognized for his dedication to cases, thorough research and writing, and professionalism. He managed dozens of cases from first appearance to resolution.

2012 | FL House of Representatives Criminal Justice Subcommittee. Elliott also has the valuable legal perspective of first hand, behind-the-scenes involvment with the legislative process. He was selected – from hundreds of applicants and a highly competitive selection process – as a bill analyst for the FL House Judiciary Committee. That means that it was his job to analyze the "fine print" of dozens of bills, looking for constitutional issues, vague language, and those infamous "unintended consequences." Thanks to this experience, Smith has a practiced edge when it comes to arguing the subtlties of law – a skill that often determines the outcome of an entire case. 

2012 – 2014 | Criminal and Appellate Practice w/ Mentor Attorneys. In the past, attorneys gained experience through apprenticeships, where they could work hands-on with seasoned mentor attorneys. In this tradition, following law school Elliott immediately began working with the Law Offices of Robert A. Morris, and the Law Offices of Dan R. Stengle – reputable and highly experienced attorneys in the criminal defense and appellate fields. Elliott drafted more than ten appellate briefs (40-50 page documents analyzing and challenging a trial court's legal interpretation), and was the right hand man for researching and strategizing many of Robert's and Dan's cases.

2014 – present | Elliott A. Smith Law, LLC. Elliott has practiced civil, criminal, and municipal law in Charleston, SC since leaving Florida.


In 2012, Elliott graduated cum laude from The Florida State University College of Law, and was twice on the Dean's List. But his grades were not his only focus. Elliott is one of the most highly-awarded students in FSU Law's history for advocacy competitions with the school's Mock Trial and Moot Court teams. He also achieved high marks for his legal writing skills, with the highest grade in the class for two term paper courses, the "best appellate brief" award, and an "A" in both of his legal writing courses.


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